PICSII is the simplest app that allows users to share photos with others who are in the same location and/or attending the same event.  The app allows users to share photos and get photos with anyone, friends and strangers alike.  Using your GPS location, PICSII is an event-based app that knows where you are and allows you to upload and download photos from others in the same location.  User will not be required to register, sign in or establish an account.  Simply join an event and begin sharing pictures.

Find the PICSII appThe PICSII Logoon your device.

When you open the PICSII app, the home screen will show your location and if there are any events in your area.  If there is an event or events listed, simply click on the event name, then click on “Join Event” if you would like to join the event and participate.  Once you join an event, it will remember that you’re there.

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The drop down menu in the top right corner provides links to our website.

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If you want to create an event, tap create event.

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You will be taken to the “Create Event” screen.  Here you will give the event a “name,” choose whether to make the event a “public” or “private” event, and the start time for the event.  You can have the event start immediately by selecting the default date and time or enter a date and time to set up an event in the future.

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In this scenario, the screen shows you created a public event (Beach Trip) today at 4:29pm.

Public events have a 24 hour timer allowing you to upload and download pictures.

After submitting the new event, you are taken back to the home screen where the event “Beach Trip” is listed.  It shows up on the map where this event is located.

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You can also choose “Private” as your event type.  The main difference between a public event and a private event is you will be asked to submit a 4 digit pin which can be shared with others you want to have access to the event.  A private event also gives you more flexibility regarding the length of time photos are available.

For the Private Event, having tapped “Submit New Event,” the event now shows up in the list of events in the area of the user but has a “lock” next to it which shows this is a private event.  If someone attempts to access this event, they are asked for a 4 digit pin.  If they cannot enter the correct PIN, they will not be able to join the event.

The user who creates a private event has the ability to send out invitations to the event via various social media.

You have created a public event, Beach Trip.  Anyone who has the PICSII app and is within the area where the event was created will have access to this event.  By selecting the event “Beach Trip” they will be taken to a screen where they can “Join Event.”  If you are the one who created the event, you do not have to join the event.

07 Join Event Pic

At this point, a message appears that advises the user they have access to this event for 24 hours and they click “OK.”

After clicking “OK” on the previous screen, you are now in the event and are in the photo gallery of the event “Beach Trip.”

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As you can see there are no photos in the event gallery.  You can “Upload” photos to the event from either your photo gallery or your camera.

If you choose camera, simply take a photo.  If you like the photo and want to upload it, click “use photo.”  You are also given the option of retaking the photo if you don’t like the first one you took.

If you select “Gallery” you are taken to your camera gallery to select photos for uploading to the event.  Simply select the photos you want to upload and click “done,” and your photos begin to upload.

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This screenshot below shows the two photos you took with your camera and uploaded and the one you uploaded from your gallery.  A message appears that tells you the photos have uploaded successfully.  Photos with a blue upward arrow are photos you uploaded.  Photos with a green downward arrow are photos submitted by other users that can be downloaded.

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You can open any photo in the event gallery by tapping the photo.

Pic 12  Pic 13

You can scroll through all photos in the gallery.  In the top right corner  you are given several options.

Download the photo

Flag the photo for download

Delete the photo

Hide the photo

Report Abuse

Any user in the event has the ability to “Hide a Photo” and “Report an Abuse.”  Only the user who created the event can delete the photo.  If any user feels there are any inappropriate photos, they can, first hide the photo, and then, report an abuse.  We will review the photo and make a determination if the photo should in fact be deleted from the event gallery.

You can also tap on the “thumbs up” to like a photo.

16 Like Pic

All photos in the gallery are available to any users who have “joined” the event.

Any photos in the gallery can be shared with your own social media contacts using the “share icon.”  Simply tap and hold the photo you want to forward.  A blue check mark in the circle shows the photo you have chosen to forward.  By tapping the “share icon,” you are prompted to send a message with the photo.  If you do not want to send a message with the photo, tap “cancel.”

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A note on private events.

For private events, you have the option of sending the security code and inviting people to your private event.  They will not be able to join the event unless they are in the “circle” where the event is being held but they will know you have created the event and be invited to join.  To invite people, click on the “envelope” in the top right corner.

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We hope you enjoy our app.

Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.